Papas&Beer was founded in 1983 when its partners saw it necessary to open a fun establishment in Ensenada that catered to both locals and tourists alike. In addition to good music and a lively environment it's main attraction was it's ice cold mugs of beer, large plates of french fries and free bumper stickers. The idea was conceived over a few beers and plate of potato skins in San Diego, hence the name Papas&Beer.

The location for the bar was to be a 2nd story space in the heart of downtown Ensenada that was previously occupied by a hotel. Although the space had been abandoned and neglected for years the founders immediately saw the potential for the space: music videos, potatoes and beer. 

Once the fryers and freezers had been installed and the doors had been opened the founders never would have imagined the demand that the place would have for both locals and tourists alike. Due to the popularity of the Ensenada location, the owners later decided to open another location in Rosarito that would be on the sand and would include a volleyball court. Papas&Beer Rosarito is now the largest beach club on the west coast and internationally recognized.